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Work related to mainland China

Academic exchange and development projects in mainland China

For many years the General Administration Office (GAO) had been responsible for handling mainland related matters. Starting from November 2016, most of the academic exchange work and mainland projects have been transferred to the Mainland Development Office to handle. For enquiry, please contact Dr. Yang Liwei, Lea, Senior Manager of the office at 3411-7502 or via email:

GAO will continue to be responsible for handling matters related to the Beijing Normal University—Hong Kong Baptist University United International College (UIC) co-founded by the University and the Beijing Normal University (BNU), and the Wei Lun Academic Exchange Centre co-founded by the University and Tsinghua University, Beijing (TU). The major areas of work are set out below.

  1. Coordinate liaison with BNU on matters related to UIC and serve as the link between the University and UIC at the Council level.

    UIC was jointly founded by BNU and HKBU in 2005. The UIC campus is situated in Zhuhai and is the first full-scale cooperation project in higher education between the mainland and Hong Kong. The UIC charter was approved by the Ministry of Education with full support from the local authorities.

    Embracing the HKBU ethos of whole person education, UIC espouses the historic mission of advancing internationalisation on campus and takes the lead in implementing liberal arts education in China. The teaching staff of UIC come from 20 countries and regions, and English is the medium of instruction. Graduates are awarded the Bachelor's Degree by HKBU and a Graduation Certificate by UIC which is recognised in the mainland, Hong Kong and overseas. More information about UIC can be found at

    GAO serves as the link between the University and UIC, and coordinates the participation of the University departments/offices in UIC activities.

  2. Oversee the work of the Wei Lun Academic Exchange Centre co-founded by the University and TU.

    The Wei Lun Academic Exchange Centre was co-founded by the University and TU in 1990 to promote academic collaboration between the University and TU as well as other universities in Beijing, and foster understanding and cooperation between Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland. Located on the TU campus with conference and hostel facilities, the Wei Lun Centre organises each year on the TU campus a month-long summer sojourn for students of the BSocSc (Hons) in China Studies programme of the University and on the University campus a summer study tour for TU students, and runs a visiting professorship programme for TU.

    GAO provides secretarial and administrative support to the Joint Administrative Committee to oversee the activities conducted by the Wei Lun Academic Exchange Centre.


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